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The Football Ramble

Live for one night only: Thursday, July 30th 2015!

"The Father Ted Extravaganza"

Taking place July 31st & August 1st 2015, with special offers on "Mrs. Doyle's Long Island Iced Teas".

No plans this weekend?

Come in and have a laugh with us! You deserve it.

Free cocktails before 7:30pm

Bet you'll arrive early now, won't you?!

Christmas is coming!

We've got a huge amount of packages ready to suit any group size!


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The Laughter Lounge / Dublin
Basement 4 – 8 Eden Quay
O’Connell Bridge
Dublin 1
(T) 01 878 3003
(F) 01 878 3004


Directions to a great night out in Dublin:
We are located 100 yards from O’Connell Street Bridge, on the north side of the River Liffey.


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